Club Rules


  1. .No Member shall fish other than with rod and line. No member shall use more than two rods at any one time, the same two rods not to cover more than 10 yds of water and not to be left unattended, any member doing so forfeits the right to the swim. Day ticket holders are allowed two rods . No member shall fish within 10yds of another except with the permission of the first comer. No member shall use Trimmers, Night Line, Bank Runners, Trailers or other illegal engines other than landing nets for the purpose of landing fish caught by rod and line.
  2. Under no circumstances will fish be taken away or removed from the association waters. All fish to be returned to the water dead or alive. The N.F.A recommends that the use of livebait be banned.
  3. Pike fishing will commence on October 1st and end March 31st each year.
  4. Under no circumstances will a junior member be allowed to hold a senior licence. Members under the age of 16 on the 16th of June will be deemed as junior members. The minimum age limit for juniors to become members of the club is 8 years. Juniors under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by an adult when fishing or visiting club waters. A junior under the age of 8 may fish along side and under the supervision of an adult member, a junior licence is not needed for this.
  5. Fishing is only permitted from the towing path side of the canal. Any person found fishing other than from the towing path side is liable to disciplinary action being taken by the committee and also prosecution by the Inland Waterways .
  6. Any member causing obstruction or in any way interfering with the fishing of another member shall forfeit his/her licence until the matter has been dealt with by the committee.
  7. Fishing in club competitions with day tickets will not be permitted.
  8. Keep nets to comply with Water Authority regulations. Fish must not be kept in keepnets for longer than 5 hours duration. Members are requested not to keep large fish in keepnets. In competitions large fish may be weighed in during the competition and returned to the water by a steward, this also applies to pike competitions.
  9. Night fishing is not allowed . Any member wishing to night fish must apply in writing to the committee for a night fishing permit, along with two passport size photo’s of themselves. Such a licence will only be issued at the discretion of the committee.
  10. Members must not leave litter of any description. Any member fishing a swim where there is litter present, will be held responsible for the litter, and will remove it immediately. Failure to remove litter, cans or bottles will result in immediate suspension.
  11. Members must not trespass, cut or damage trees, vegetation or property. Metal cans, glass bottles, Radio’s, CD players and televisions are banned on all waters.
  12. Under no circumstances will any person organize, advertise or arrange matches or competitions on any Devizes.A.A. waters, without the prior permission of the committee or its authorized agent.
  13. Bloodworm & Joker is not allowed.

CROOKWOOD LAKE (additional rules apply )


  • Night fishing is prohibited on Crookwood Lake.
  • Barbless hooks only. Largest hook size 10.
  • No Boilies,Nuts, Tiger Nuts or Chick Peas
  • Max Pellet size 8mm
  • No Fish to be removed or introduced.
  • Fishing is only permitted from platforms.
  • No Dogs, Bivvies, BBQ or  overnight camping allowed.
  • Islands are strictly out of bounds unless accompanied by a committee member
  • Disabled platforms may be fished when vacant, but must be given up at the request of a disabled angler who wishes to fish and needs access to the platform.
  • No Carp to be put in Keepnets during pleasure fishing.
  • Keepnets to be used for a maximum of 5 Hours


  • The committee reserve the right to close sections or all of the lake without notice for essential maintenance.
  • Luncheon meat/sweetcorn tins are not allowed on the bank, ALL tinned baits must be transferred to bait containers, failure to do so will result in suspension from the Lake
  • Members are responsible for litter in their swim, failure to remove it up will result in suspension.
  • Match fishing: two keepnet rules apply.
  • Members are asked to take care when driving on access roads.
  • Juniors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when fishing or visiting Crookwood lake.
  • Pike fishing with bait is prohibited on Crookwood Lake.
  • Drop Shotting/ Lure fishing is allowed.



It is pointed out that any member is empowered to ask any person that they may suspect of not being a member of the association to produce their licence, by first producing their own licence and requesting the other to do likewise.

  • A licence must be shown to the Keeper and /or the Hon Water Bailiffs (showing badge of office) upon request.
  • Licences must be carried at all times.
  • All Anglers are asked to park their cars with discretion especially when fishing stretches near road bridges.
  • Parking on or near bridge crests is liable to police action being taken


Exchange tickets are available with selected clubs.
For further information contact Club Secretary. CONTACTS


Cup know as Specimen Cups will be awarded for the following species:

  • Specimen Pike- Highest weight to qualify 15lb or over.
  • Specimen Carp- Highest weight to qualify.
  • Specimen Tench- Highest weight to qualify.
  • A.Cobbald Specimen Cup- Awarded to the best fish caught by a senior member, weight will be calculated against Bristol Avon area records.
  • A trophy known as the “Jim Gaiger Trophy” will be presented each year to the junior with the best Specimen Fish. The following species count: Bream, Roach, Rudd, Carp, Chubb and Perch. The Trophy is open to juniors residing within the association boundaries, weights will be calculated from the Bristol Avon area records.


All fish to be caught in association waters. Fish must be reported to the secretary, or a committee member, who will verify the weight,
or to any 2 independent witnesses( Names, addresses and signatures must be obtained from each witness to validate entry).

Entries for Specimen Cup will be accepted up to and including the last day before the A.G.M.


As amended November 2nd 1973


That the association be called the Devizes Angling Association.


The Devizes Angling Association shall consist of an unlimited number of members residing within a six mile radius of Devizes.


  • Any person residing outside this six mile area will be known as an Associate Member.
  • Associate membership will entitle all licence holders to full fishing rights.
  • Competitions are open to all members, but the associate members will not be allowed to hold trophies.
  • Associate members have no voting powers on any association business.
  • Any person fishing upon Devizes Angling Association water without a licence will be prosecuted.
  • The committee reserves the right to refuse any application for membership.
    Any member acting in violation of these rules or whose conduct shall be in the opinion of majority at a committee duly convened by and considered detrimental to the Association shall not be a member until the committee think fit to reinstate him/her and shall in any event appear before them due notice abide by their decision.


The Association to be governed by a committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and a committee of up to 18 (eighteen) members (5 to form a quorum), and a tie to be decided by the casting vote of the Chairman who will be elected at the first committee meeting.
Secretary and Treasurer have no vote at committee meetings.

All member elected to the committee must serve three years as a member of the Association.

The committee will hold their meetings when necessary at the Association headquarters. Any committee member failing to attend three consecutive meetings after due notice shall cease to be a member of the committee unless prevented by prior commitment or illness.
Casual vacancies to be filled by nominations from the committee.

Members elected to the committee on the understanding that they take an interest in and assist at competitions and other functions.

The committee reserves the right to close any stretch of the water for fishing competitions . Notices to the effect will be posted the day before the competition. For an open competition , such as closing, not to exceed six days prior to such a competition.


Annual General Meetings are held every year.

Nominations for committee and matters for the agenda to be handed to the Secretary.

All proposals for the Annual General Meeting to be put in writing to the Secretary along with seconders. Proposers are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting and speak on the matter .
These rules shall only be altered at an Annual General Meeting or at a meeting especially convened for that purpose.
One month’s notice shall be given by not less than 12 members to the secretary of any proposed alteration, or addition to, or rescinding of rules requiring him/her to convene such a special meeting.


Please see Membership and Prices

Remember Electricity Kills.
Do Not Fish Near or Under Power Lines