Please Note:
 Any form of Magnet fishing is strictly prohibited on all Devizes AA waters.
This is a Canal and River Trust rule.

RUH Walk for Life will take place on the K&A Canal towpath 18th Sep 2021.
This will be starting at Bishops Cannings through to Bath.

Pike Angling:
Lloyd Burgess is retiring as Pike organiser for Devizes AA, Lloyd has done agreat job and club wishes to thank him for the hard work and committment organising and running Pike matches over the last few years.
Steve Noyes will take over as Pike Angling representative and organiser for Devizes AA.
Steve will be running a series of Pike matches this coming year which includes a couple of new exciting venues.
Details are also on the club website.
Fixtures 2021/22
3rd October, Town Pounds, Devizes
24th October, Foxhangers , Rowde.
14th November, Lady’s Bridge , Wilcot
5th December, Honeystreet.
2nd January, 2022 Pile , Seend.
23rd January, Lady’s Bridge.
13th February, Foxhangers, Rowde.
6th March, Town Pounds, Devizes (Pairs).


It has come to notice that some anglers are starting to ignore the government rules and guidelines on travel distance for fishing.Please note we are still in Lockdown and guidelines are still the same and must be followed.  


This means staying within your own Town area.It is not acceptable to travel several miles from other Towns for fishing.


All Devizes Water is open for fishing, subject to government guidelines.
Please follow the guidelines.
Night Fishing is not permitted.

Coronavirus and angling

Update 7 January 2021: Local angling is permitted during the national lockdowns in both England and Wales, but is subject to restrictions. Below we’ve explained what this means for you, depending on where you live.

In England

England is currently in a national lockdown and exercise is one of only a few reasons for which you are legally allowed to leave your home.  The government have confirmed that angling is a permitted form of exercise. You can only exercise once a day and just for a short period.

You can fish alone, with members of your household or support bubble, or with one person from another household. Matches and overnight fishing are not permitted.

If you’re meeting someone from another household, you should follow social distancing guidelines and stay 2 metres away from them at all times. The same applies to any members of the public that you come across during your fishing.

During the lockdown it’s against the law to travel outside your local area for exercise. If you don’t have anywhere local to fish, you must take your daily exercise in a different way. Use our fishery search to find a local place to fish.

Notice of Match :
There will be a match at Crookwood Lake on Sunday 1st Nov 2020.
This will be on the Left Bank following Gov guidelines pegs 3 to 30
No fishing on these pegs from 8pm Sat 31st Oct until 4pm Sunday 1st November
Booking in through Wiltshire Angling , Trowbridge.
The Railway bank will be open as normal pegs 32 to 58 for pleasure fishing.

Notice of Match Crookwood 16th Aug 2020.

Pegs 30 to 58 will be closed for Match Booking ( Railway Bank side)
No fishing from 8pm Sat 15th Aug to 4pm Sun 16th August.
Left bank Pegs 4 to 27 remain open for Pleasure Angling.

Notice of peg closures at Crookwood lake Sunday 19th July 2020.
 Pegs 16 to 28 closed from 5am to 4pm
 Pegs 30 to 58 Closed from 1 pm to 9pm (match)
 Pegs 1 to 14 open all day for pleasure angling.

Notice of Match :
There will be a match at Crookwood on Sunday 5th July 2020.
This will be a trial match on the South Bank (Railway bank side) following SD guidelines pegs 30-61, 1-4
No fishing on these pegs from 8pm Sat 4th July until 4pm Sunday 5th July
Booking in through Wiltshire Angling , Trowbridge.

The Left bank will be open as normal pegs 6 to 28 for pleasure fishing.

Crookwood update :

The Committee has now reviewed the use of Keepnets at Crookwood.      Keepnets will be allowed on Crookwood from Saturday 4th July 2020.
Please note , keepnets should not be used for more than 5 hours at any one time .

Important Notice, for anglers fishing the Canal.
Please be aware that Boats have priority on any of the landing areas leading up to lock mouths.
These landings are designed and installed for boats to be able to land prior to using the locks.
Boats need room to manoeuvre, they don’t have brakes!
It’s sometimes difficult for a boat to see or hear anglers who may be positioned on the landings, anglers need to move equipment out of away when a boat approaches, this is for every ones safety.
Please note that anglers should consider leaving approx. 25m clear from any lock mouth.
This is especially important in summer or when the Canal is busy.
There have been a couple of incidences where anglers have been abusive to Boats in these areas, the club has zero tolerance for this and will ban anyone caught being abusive.

Statement of our intent to members of Devizes AA (Kennet and Avon Canal)

In line with Government guidelines and Canal & River Trust, It is our intention to reopen Angling on The K & A Canal from Wednesday 13th  May from 8am.

Canal and River Trust have issued the following statement.

Following government advice, angling and canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding for exercise, can resume from Wednesday 13 May, but this must be on your own or with members of your household, and shouldn’t be for long distances as navigation is still restricted.

In all instances, social distancing must be maintained at all times, keeping your distance from both other people and moored boats.

Anglers must have a valid club licence or day ticket plus EA rod licence.

We ask that members should not visit if they are showing any signs of covid19 or suffer with any underlying health conditions that would make them vulnerable.

Please follow Government and Angling Trust Guidelines at all times

No Sharing of bait of tackle under any circumstances.

It is advised that all anglers carry hand sanitizer with them at all times

Anglers are asked not to use keep nets, and remove all litter and dispose of at home, do not to leave on the bank.

Please keep tackle tidy and to a minimum.

On arrival you should also consider leaving a gap between yourself and other anglers of at least 15metres.

Night Fishing is suspended and will be reviewed on June 1st.

Usage will be carefully monitored and should the club consider that circumstances have forced a change then we will act without formal notice being given.

Bailiff’s will be in regular attendance, checking permits and that guidlines are being followed. Some Bailiff’s will be wearing body cams.

Thank you for your support

Devizes AA

Statement of our intent to members of Crookwood Lake.

In line with Government guidelines, It is our intention to reopen Crookwood Lake to existing members only ( season 2019/20) from Wednesday  13th  May from 8am.New licences will be valid from 1st June 2020.

We ask that members should not visit if they are showing any signs of covid19 or suffer with any underlying health conditions that would make them vulnerable.

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.

Follow Government and Angling Trust Guidelines at all times

Anglers must be aware of the need to take precautions while using the access gate on entering and leaving the Lake. It is essential that you use gloves and hand sanitizer whilst using the entrance gate.

It is a responsibility and a condition that all persons visiting Crookwood  to carry hand sanitizer at all times.

No Sharing of bait of tackle under any circumstances.

Anglers are asked not to use keep nets, and remove all litter and dispose of at home, do not to leave at the lake.

On arrival you should also consider leaving a swim gap between yourself and other anglers or  a minimum of at least 15metres.

Usage of the lake will be carefully monitored and should the club consider that circumstances have forced a change then we will act without formal notice being given.

Thank you for your support

Devizes AA

Check here for all the up-to-date notices such as water closures and EGM meetings etc.

Important Announcement.
Due to the Corona virus and government guidelines.
All Devizes Angling Association Club waters are now closed for fishing until further notice .
This includes The Canal and Crookwood Lake, No entry at Crookwood Lake
Please uphold and respect this decision as it’s in the interest of the country and all of our wellbeing.
We will open waters as soon as it is possible.
Thank you
Devizes AA

Xmas Match

Sat 14th December 2019, Horton.

Draw 9 am Horton Swingbridge.(Caravan Park)

Tickets £10, optional pools on the day.

Please book in at Wilts Angling.


Please note half year licences will go on sale from 1st December Adult £16.00

( Not available online).

Notice of disruption at Crookwood.
This year the EA/AT made funding available for predation projects, and fisheries could apply for help with funding for materials to protect their fishery from predation. From fish eating birds , Otters etc. As part of this process the club also has to match the funding either by way supplying labour to install the materials , restocking or both.
Crookwood Lake has been a victim of Cormorant predation for a while now.
Following consultations and application processes, the club was successful in obtaining an Angling Improvement grant.
Over the next few months, the club will be carrying out essential predation protection work at Crookwood Lake.
The Lake will remain open for fishing, however this will mean some disruption to angling while work is being carried out.
The first project is to install Cormorant protection to the Lake.
This will involve installing posts and lines across the Lake at every 5m ( a line across the Lake between every platform) the object of this is to stop Cormorants from being able to Land and access the Lake.
In addition to the lines we will be installing fish refuges /sanctuaries for additional protection, (this will also encourage breeding areas as well as fish refuge).
We will keep disruption to minimum as much as possible.
There will be work parties, mainly on Saturday mornings over the next couple of months.
Once this protection is in place, we plan to start a stocking programme at the beginning of the year, we believe this work will have massive benefits to the future fishing on the Lake.
During the Summer period Cormorants normally disappear to breed , we should be able to remove the lines and put them back up each Autumn /Winter before they return inland to feed.
We will post notification of work party dates on our Face book page, please check for regular updates.
We apologise for any inconvenience .

Please note only drop shotting/lure fishing is allowed at Crookwood Lake.

Pike fishing methods with any type of bait is not allowed at Crookwood Lake.

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday April 26th 2019.

7:45 PM at the Crown Inn, New Park Street , Devizes.

Nominations for committee and matters for the agenda to be handed to the Secretary no later than 20th April 2019.
All proposals for the Annual General Meeting to be put in writing to the Secretary along with seconders. Proposers are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting and speak on the matter .


Important Notice:

The whole of Crookwood Lake will be closed for two days.

Saturday 16th March 2019

Sunday 17th march 2019.

This is for essential maintenance work.

There will be No Fishing from 8 pm Friday 15th March 2019 until 6am Monday 18th 2019.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

The Committee.


Crookwood Lake will be closed Sunday 10th March 2019 for a Spring League match. No fishing from 6pm Saturday 9th March until 4 pm Sunday 10th March.


Notice of venue change:
Pike Match scheduled for 17th Feb 2019 ( Pile ) will now be changed to Crookwood Lake
Draw 8am Crookwood Lake Car park.
Devizes AA members only.
For more details, see website and contact Lloyd Burgess.

Xmas Match, 8th December 2018
K & A Horton stretch. Members only
Draw 09:00 at Horton Swingbridge Caravan/Car Park.Bishops Cannings.
Fishing 11am to 3pm.
£10 entry fee plus optional pools.
Fishing 11am to 3pm.
Back to The Crown, Bishops Cannings for presentation.
Tickets must be purchased in advance, available from Wiltshire Angling, Trowbridge. 01225 763835.


Inter club match Lavington v Devizes

Merritt’s Lake  , Lavington

Draw 8 am

All members welcome



Water closed for CRT Canal pairs 29th September.

Pile stretch.

No fishing from 4pm Friday 28th Sep until  4pm Sat 29th Sep


Devizes AA


Notice of Match:
Pegs 6 to 55 will be reserved for a match booking on Sunday 5th August 2018
No fishing from 7pm Sat 4th August until 4pm Sunday 5th August.
Peg’s 56 to 5 will remain open for pleasure angling.

Inter-club match

Crookwood Lake will be closed for Match on Sunday 15th July 2018.

No fishing from 7pm Sat 14th to 4pm Sunday 15th July 2018

Devizes v Lavington home leg.

Draw will be 9am Crookwood Car park.

This is a members only competition , free to enter , pools are optional. All members welcome .

This is a good opportunity to support the club and meet up with other anglers, share info and even get some inside information and fishy secrets.


Here is a reminder for anyone wishing to fish for Pike on DAA waters.
After speaking and taking advice from PAC , it was decided that drop shotting /lure fishing will be allowed all year . Dead baiting for Pike will only be allowed from October to March, as per the existing season .
Dead baiting techniques are not allowed from 1st April to end of Sep. Anyone caught breaking these rules may receive a life time ban of Devizes AA.

Important Notice:
Road Closure and disruption 18.06.18 to 20.06. 18
Crookwood Lane ( road) will be closed for three days outside Bridge Farm, towards Potterne. Starting 18th June 2018.
There will be no access to Crookwood Lake form Potterne end.Access to Crookwood Lake should still be available from Urchfont end only.


Following the AGM last Friday 27th April 2018

Danny Williamson has been elected as the new Secretary of Devizes AA.

Daniel Davy has joined the committee .

Pike/Predator Fishing will be allowed all year round for the whole 2018/19 season, this will be a trial with a review at the end of the season.

This to cater for the new methods of drop shotting, which is becoming a very popular method of predator fishing.

Pike competitions will still be expected to run during winter months.


Notice of AGM Fri 27th April 2018, The Crown, New park Street, Devizes, 8pm start

This years AGM will see some major changes to the club, and new vacancies/positions

Vacancies for:

Club Secretary      and   Vice Secretary.

Chairman  and Vice Chairman

Head Bailiff

Bailiff’s and committee members.

Angling Coaches

Match Secretary

Please forward any proposals or resolutions to the club no later than 13th April 2018.

As some of you may already know, Terry Fell will retire as club secretary in April this year.
Terry has been a Committee Member since 1966 and took over as club Secretary in 1979, giving a remarkable long and dedicated service to the club, it’s member’s and associated members for over 39 years.
There are not many local anglers that don’t know Terry , either through clubs, NFA or on the bank.
We wish Terry, all the very best , and thank you for all your hard work and negotiating skills over the last 39 years.
The club will find it difficult in replacing Terry, however we will be looking for a new motivated person to head up the committee as Secretary .
If you feel it is you or you know a man /woman who can, please put a name forward?
All the details are on the AGM listing.