Please follow Gov Guidelines and keep up to date on the Angling Trust Website.

All pike match’s are dead baits and lures only, keepnets and Pike holding sacks/tubes are a must to hold pike in until the end of the match unless it’s a double figure pike please use an unhooking mat are  to avoid the fish  being damaged. for more info please ring or text on 07946567366


Fishing with lures only will be allowed all year round.

This to cater for the new methods of drop shotting, which is becoming a very popular method of predator fishing.

Pike competitions will still be expected to run during winter months.

Here is a reminder for anyone wishing to fish for Pike on DAA waters.
After speaking and taking advice from PAC , it was decided that drop shotting /lure fishing will be allowed all year . Dead baiting for Pike will only be allowed from October to March, as per the existing season .
Dead baiting techniques are not allowed from 1st April to end of Sep. Anyone caught breaking these rules may receive a life time ban of Devizes AA.
Pike Fishing methods with any type of bait is prohibited at Crookwood Lake.
1st October 2023 Town Pounds, Devizes8am
22nd October 2023Rowde8am
12th November 2023Lady's Bridge8am
3rd December 2023Pile, Sells Green8am
17th December 2023Devizes, Hospital Stretch8am
7th January 2024Rowde8am
28th January 2024Bishop Cannings8am
18th February 2024Town Pounds ( Pairs)8am

Coarse Matches: 2023/24

Evening Matches Crookwood during summer: 5:30 draw   6pm to 9pm

Winter League : TBA

Spring League : TBA



Visiting Club Bookings 2023/24 season. ( Bloodworm & Joker are not allowed in matches), please remove all pegs after match.

2nd July  2023  Crookwood Lake ( Railway bank)  Wilts Angling


















Remember Electricity Kills.
Do Not Fish Near or Under Power Lines