Please follow Gov Guidelines and keep up to date on the Angling Trust Website.

All pike match’s are dead baits and lures only, keepnets and Pike holding sacks/tubes are a must to hold pike in until the end of the match unless it’s a double figure pike please use an unhooking mat are  to avoid the fish  being damaged. for more info please ring or text on 07794042495.


Pike/Predator Fishing with lures only will be allowed all year round for the whole 2021/22 season.

This to cater for the new methods of drop shotting, which is becoming a very popular method of predator fishing.

Pike competitions will still be expected to run during winter months.

Here is a reminder for anyone wishing to fish for Pike on DAA waters.
After speaking and taking advice from PAC , it was decided that drop shotting /lure fishing will be allowed all year . Dead baiting for Pike will only be allowed from October to March, as per the existing season .
Dead baiting techniques are not allowed from 1st April to end of Sep. Anyone caught breaking these rules may receive a life time ban of Devizes AA.
Pike Fishing methods with any type of bait is prohibited at Crookwood Lake.

Coarse Matches:

Club Evening Matches: Crookwood Thursday evenings series starting 10th June 2021 Draw 5:30 ( see facebook page for details)


Visiting Club Bookings 2021/22 season. ( Bloodworm & Joker are not allowed in matches), please remove all pegs after match.

6th June  2021   Crookwood Lake  (left Bank) , (Wilts Angling)

12th July 2021   Crookwood Lake,  (Wilts Angling)

25th July 2021 Crookwood Lake , (Pewsey AC)

15th Aug 2021  Crookwood Lake, (West End Club)

19th Sep 2021  K & A Canal, AllCannings,  (West End Club)

24th Oct 2021,  K & A , Magpies/Pile, (West End Club)

26th Dec 2021, K & A Canal, Pile, (Tisbury AC)

2nd Feb 2022 K&A Canal , Pile, (Tisbury AC)















Remember Electricity Kills.
Do Not Fish Near or Under Power Lines